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BE AWARE! Are you clued up on your cyber security?

Welcome to Cyber Security Awareness as part of our insightful and dynamic  Cyber Hub!

Here, you will find our latest resources, guides and exclusive content to help get you more “in the know” about cyber security.

Before you get started, watch our video on cyber awareness!

We have some interesting numbers for you…

We’ve read the latest Cyber security breaches survey 2024  and there is a lot of interesting information gathered around awareness, cyber attacks and prevention. These are some of the key stats we’ve picked out.

of businesses report that cyber security is a high priority in 2024
of businesses are actively seeking information on cyber security
of businesses report having had training or awareness training sessions

Cyber Awareness Content & Resources

Below is our latest content and resources for cyber security awareness. Be sure to check this page often, as we’re constantly adding new items!

Password Hygiene

Protect your business with good password hygiene. Find out what you and your staff need to know in our FREE downloadable PDF infographic.

15 Ways To Prevent Your Business From A Cyber Attack

Understand what actionable ways you can prevent a cyber attack on your small business with our FREE downloadable PDF worksheet.

10 Cyber Security Tools and Topics

Cyber awareness is not just for IT or “techy” people, here you’ll find a FREE PDF download on the top 10 tools and topics everyone should know.

30 Cyber Security Essentials Checklist

Use this FREE downloadable checklist to ensure you’re accounting for privacy concerns, compliance issues and policies critical to securing your business.

Incident Preparedness Checklist

Having a plan of record and related policies for worst-case cyber incident response is fundamental. Download this FREE checklist to start the ball rolling.

Latest Articles

Discover our latest blogs and articles about all things cyber security.

Across the nation, even the smallest businesses are finding that online threats […]
Your risk of a cyber security breach is increasing every year and […]

What cyber solutions are available to my business?

Businesses are vulnerable to constantly changing cyber security threats. With cyber-attacks becoming more advanced and frequent, relying solely on traditional security measures.

Measures such as antivirus software, firewalls, email filtering, and basic employee training may not be enough to fully protect your valuable data and resources.

By investing in robust cyber security solutions, you can significantly reduce your risk and protect your business.

Finch Technical Solutions offers a comprehensive range of cyber security solutions designed to protect your business from today’s ever-evolving threats. Our services include:

An eye sat under an overlay of biometric graphics in orange and blue

Our next generation antivirus (NGAV) supports endpoint monitoring, threat hunting and detection, endpoint visibility and incident response.

A man with pale coloured shirt stood with a clipboard in a security operations centre

Our SOC solution provides 24/7 monitoring, threat detection, analysis, incident response and reporting. This integrates directly with our EDR and SIEM solutions.

A person touching a tablet computer with cyber security graphics displaying above the screen

Our SIEM works with our SOC to support log collection, event correlation, real-time monitoring, threat detection, incident response & compliance reporting.

An animated desktop computer with a large browser screen behind it

With our service, your data in the cloud is automatically backed up to a safe place. Even if your software goes down, your data stays safe and easy to access.

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